Gardening & Flowers

Tavares Brothers Landscape offers residential and commercial landscaping services in Hudson, Sudbury, and Marlborough, as well as surrounding communities in Massachusetts.

We have passion for what we do. In fact, our team is truly dedicated to creating stunning landscapes that showcase the beauty of flowers, gardens and trees. We firmly believe that these natural elements have an incredible ability to elevate the appearance of any property. Living in New England gives us access to an extensive variety of native plants and shrubs. Many options fill us with energy whenever we embark on a new gardening project.

Garden Design Services

When it comes to garden design, our team brings a wealth of local experience to the table. We understand the unique characteristics and criteria of gardens in this area. Collaborating closely with our clients, we ensure that every design we create not only features a pleasing core scheme, but also adds value and enjoyment to your property. We take into account essential aspects such as the availability of sunlight and plant inspection needs. Additionally, we consider how different species of plants and shrubs can harmoniously complement each other. Budgetary considerations and the long-term sustainability of the garden are also taken into account. Regardless of the specific specifications, our goal is to deliver results that bring great joy and visual pleasure to our customers.