I met Denis because he was doing landscaping work at my neighbors property. His work was so impeccably done that I decided to interrupt him to discuss some tree trimming work I needed done.

I had three large sick trees in my yard, 2 Sugar Maples with a significant amount of dead branches and a very sick Elm. All three of these trees were in difficult to trim locations. One was near my shed and house, one near my driveway with the cable line running through it’s branches, and the elm had the house power running through it’s branches.

I spoke with Denis about trimming the Maples and removing the Elm. He provided an estimate and we scheduled a time for the work.

On the day of the work, his team was on time for the appointment and had all the work done in a few hours. His entire team was professional and courteous. The cleanup was done so well that the saw dust wasn’t visible from the road.

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